Priestley's Complete Works

The following are the complete works of Joseph Priestley as listed in the first volume of John Towill Rutt's The Theological and Miscellaneous Works of Joseph Priestley.  Rutt often used a different edition then the ones listed below.  Below are the dates when the manuscript was first published.  I am trying to link online editions as possible.  Please see my notes when the original or reprint is not available.



  • A Course of Lectures on the Theory of Language and Universal Grammar.  Printed for the use of the Students at Warrington. Rutt volume xxiii (starts on page 119)


  • On the Duty of not Living to Ourselves.  A Sermon, preached before the Assembly of Ministers of the Counties o Lancaster and Chester, met at Manchester, May 16, 1764, to Carry into execution a Scheme for the Relief of their Widows and Children.  Collection of Priestley/Price sermons.  Rutt volume xv (starts on page 100)